Peter Baker Associates is a Consumer Market Research Agency

Consumer Market Research Agency

Peter Baker Associates provide both international research and UK fieldwork

PBA specialises in quantitative consumer market research.

Main services:-

  1. Completed questionnaires, from a national field force of interviewers: most work is face to face consumer quantitative. Street interviews, door to door interviews and hall tests are carried out, many of these surveys are product tests. Fragrance testing is a speciality.
  2. Computer tabulations, using the QPS system which provides questionnaire development, data entry and analysis all in one in-house system.
  3. Full interpretative report, and presentation.

PBA has extensive experience of working in French.

Peter Baker Associates is a small agency, which gives total dedication to three or four projects each month. Working from an office in an English village some ten miles from Brighton, we combine low costs with high quality fieldwork.